Lifestyle and Family Portraits

No matter the hobby or occasion: I'd love to help you show the world who you are! Schedule a session with me and we'll photograph the real you!

We are all inseparable from our passions. It is a part of being human. You might be a physical trainer who is also a budding actor. Having quality head-shot photos is a must for any professional. You might have a high school senior and want to capture this pivotal time in their life. Your child is about to transition into adulthood and what better way to immortalize this time than photos? What about that trip to the beach with the whole family that only happens every 10 years? What about an event you want to celebrate for years to come? (baptism, championship, awards ceremony, etc...) I would love to take the hassle and work out of photographing those moments and let you be fully present for the celebration! Feel free to check out my rates, and if you want to chat with me about any questions you have, feel free to contact me via email or phone (205-924-3351). I look forward to hearing from you!