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Show buyers the real home and make your job easier:

  • Well lit; professionally shot and edited photos
  • Competitive rates, based on square footage
  • Quick turn around (within 2 business days) 
  • Photos supplied in MLS format

Jared Budlong

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Listing and selling a home is a lot of work. Let me take one thing off your list, and help you sell those homes quicker* and for more* money.

In recent real estate studies and surveys found that 85% of home buyers consider images to the be the most important of a website's features. And homes with professional photos sell 50% faster and at 39% closer to the original asking price than homes, in the same zip code, without professional photos. 

(source links at the bottom of this page) 

If you're ready to show off your property, check out my rates, and call me (205-924-3351) schedule your session! I look forward to hearing from you!


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Surveys and Studies

A 2015 survey found quite a few benefits based on the facts below:

  • 83% of home-buyers rated photos of properties for sale as the most useful website feature.
  • Photos are the first impression of the home and must capture the attention of the buyer.
  • Nearly half of home-buyers look at a property online as their first step in the process.


A 2014 study that compared 700 listings in the same zip code: 350 listings using professional photography against 350 similar listings without professional photos.

Listings with professional photos:

  • Sold 50% faster
  • Sold 39% closer to the original asking price
  • viewed 118% more often